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HotShop @ Home features all of your favourite classes & teachers in the comfort of your own home. Find a mindful practice at all levels and all approaches. Find length, relaxation and opening in our Flow & Reset, Hips or Reset classes. Or kick it up a notch and challenge yourself with our Flow, Burn & Sculpt classes. Need a little grounding? With HotShop Intention you will find healing & soothing mantra's & mediations of all kinds. HotShop Spin is in the works and coming soon! Take us home with you, on vacation or use us as a break from the office. There is something here for everyone - wherever you may be.


Turn it up: HotShop SCULPT // HotShop BURN This Category is all about the heart rate and building strength. HotShop SCULPT is a high energy class! With the addition of weights you will definitely notice the challenge to your endurance and fitness while in a yoga practice. HotShop BURN is invigorating! A faster paced flow that encourages the building of your core strength and high heart rates! Flow It Out: HotShop FLOW This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Challenge your own individual expression with while receiving guidance to a unique vinyasa based practice. Open it Up: HotShop HIPS // HotShop FLOW & RESET This category is all about strength combined with release. HotShop HIPS will work to strengthen and open the hips. This class will leave you with space, mobility and release. HotShop FLOW & RESET is the combo of your two favourite classes: we start with an energizing challenging flow, and follow it up with the calming slow release of a reset based practice. Turn It Down: HotShop RESET // HotShop INTENTION All about grounding and turning it down. HotShop RESET combines the traditions of a yin practice and restorative postures with long holds releasing the deeper tissues of your body. HotShop INTENTION has both a variety of guided meditations & mantras. Let's Ride: HotShop SPIN This heart awakening ride will bring you a new appreciation for spinning and will speak to your mind, body and soul. Challenging your aerobic and anaerobic threshold through interval training - each class is an opportunity to grow. Perfect for any fitness enthusiast whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro. We have a wide variety of classes ranging from 15-45 mins!

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